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Leslie, your wellness web designer

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When I decided to focus on wellness

It was May 2020. The world was in lockdown from a highly contagious, scary virus. The four walls were driving me nuts. My anxiety was through the roof. I gradually realized that the only thing I had to keep my sanity and health was building up my resilience and immunity with healthy practices. I started my wellness journey then with weight loss, healthy eating, meditation and yoga. I’ve developed much respect for wellness and healthcare practitioners.

Jersey girl working hard for you

I am a nature-loving Jersey girl, with great drive, a strong work ethic, and a rare mix of inviting qualities: sensitive, outspoken, and thoughtful. I see myself as someone who uses my keen eye to recognize style and trends in everything from fashion to graphic arts. I am a former newspaper graphic artist. As such, I have enjoyed creating small and large ads for both Mom & Pop shops and national auto enterprises. Through it all, I have elevated the appeal of these clients’ businesses, products, and brands.

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Working with You

My forte is taking a client’s initial ideas and crafting concise visuals using my myriad of experience working with sales-people, printers, and a wide variety of business owners, from chocolatiers and home cleaning businesses to health/wellness practitioners. Current and previous clients describe me as: “hard-working, reliable, dynamic, innovative, tenacious, and imaginative.”

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Connecting the Dots

I am a creative type who connects all of the dots. I am proud that my leadership abilities help me navigate all of the aspects of my highly customized graphic arts and website projects. So, it is clear that when you hire me you get a design studio and a web agency all rolled into one dynamic package.

Design Process and You

Throughout the design process, my clients and I get to know one another well, and I am more than willing to stretch my skillset to explore new and innovative approaches, because thinking outside the box is where the best ideas emerge.

Vera Chopyk

LBB Design worked with our office to find and highlight our brand and create a new logo. From there a website was built to reflect the branding. It was a smooth process. This take a bit of time, but this is to be expected to get the message right. Very happy with the final product. I recommend LBB Design to anyone looking to brand and publicize their business.

 - Vera Chopyk

Thelma O'Brien

Leslie helped design my logo and select just the right colors for my labels. She took her time making the logo and did a great job! Before using this new logo, we didn’t have a visual marketing representation so her work gave us a visual that my customers could relate our product to.”

- Thelma O’Brien

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My aim is to help you grow your business

You will quickly understand that I truly look forward to going on this website design journey to revitalize an outdated website, design a new logo or packaging. All of that will help you and your company reach new heights, and inspire you to attract ideal clients.

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